2022 Annual Report



Letter from the CEO

This annual report celebrates all we've accomplished together, not only during 2022 but during Nuru's fifteen-year history. As you join us in reflecting on 2022's achievements and the incredible milestone of fifteen poverty-fighting years, I think you'll see an undercurrent of relentless persistence carrying us through the highs and lows together.

During 2022, we expanded operations to a fourth country, and we more than doubled the farmers we were reaching in Ethiopia. Nuru marked five years of sustained impact in dairy livelihoods in Kenya. In Nigeria, we implemented our first USAID grant while making significant strides in our efforts to impact women by launching our organization's first Women's Economic Empowerment survey.

In fifteen years, the Nuru Collective has grown from one country of operation to four, and from a few hundred people impacted to over 250,000. Nuru is not the organization we were in 2008. With you, we have succeeded and failed. We have learned. We have persisted.

Thank you for persisting with us to build the resilience of smallholder farmers in Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Burkina Faso. That persistence will continue to carry us as we scale to new regions.

Aerie Changala Sign

Aerie Changala

Nuru Collective Highlights

Fifteen Lessons Over Fifteen Years

Localizational & Learning

  1. 1
    As a learning organization, we take risks, we fail, and we document lessons learned.
  2. 2
    We are stronger together as the Nuru Collective, guided by the Nuru Global Advisory Council.
  3. 3
    Harnessing local leaders' power to adapt to real-time challenges creates lasting change in rural communities.
  4. 4
    Impact-driven programs are built on a commitment to robust measurement and evaluation.
  5. 5
    Local farmer-owned cooperatives should provide benefits to both member farmers and the local economy. We support both their financial and organizational growth.

Resilience & Inclusion

  1. 6
    Farmers are on the front lines of climate change. We equip farmers to adapt to these risks.
  2. 7
    Resilience-building fights poverty. Nuru develops the capacities of people and communities to withstand shocks.
  3. 8
    Income builds resilience. Nuru equips farmers to increase their incomes and crop yields to support food security, cover expenses, and establish savings.
  4. 9
    Appropriate disruptive technologies, like mobile money, SMS weather forecasting, and e-learning are crucial to inclusive rural livelihoods.
  5. 10
    Inclusion matters. Nuru adapted to work with women as an entry point, promote women in leadership positions, and target improved outcomes for women and youth.


  1. 11
    Nuru equips farmers to diversify and increase their crop yields to increase household nutrition and support food security.
  2. 12
    Regenerative agriculture is crucial to environmental sustainability as these practices improve soil and water health.
  3. 13
    Sustainable businesses deliver long-term benefits to farmer members. We work to build good governance and strong leadership in farmer organizations while connecting them to other businesses that can support growth.
  4. 14
    A sustainable funding approach allows Nuru to launch in new areas through the generosity of philanthropic individuals and scale through government partnerships.
  5. 15
    Sustainable scaling is only possible when we consistently invest in the capacities of local leaders. Nuru will continue to do that, with the goal of reaching millions of people.

In 2022, despite the obstacles, Nuru farmers persisted.

Together, we can continue cultivating hope in marginalized communities. Together, we can persist.

Persist with us

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