2021 Annual Report



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A Note from the CEO

Looking back on 2021 with the knowledge of now, I am struck by how much Nuru achieved in so little time despite so many challenges and so much uncertainty. 2021 was characterized as a year of languishing, sapping motivation and focus as the pandemic persisted longer than our collective ability to wait. And yet, what 2021 taught me is that realizing the interconnectedness of our global community means pursuing bold action, especially when trying times are upon us.

In the face of these challenges, Nuru continued to grow in scale and impact: We served nearly 25% more people who made nearly 75% more money than they had the previous year. Nuru organizations received three major government grants, while achieving our highest net promoter score to date with our staff and without losing any team members during the “Great Resignation”.

Nuru has spent years working to build best-in-class locally-led organizations and, in 2021, formally brought them together as the Nuru Collective. Together, we are aligned by a common vision to create lasting meaningful choices in the most vulnerable and marginalized communities in the world.

Thank you for your solidarity and support.

Aerie Changala Sign

Aerie Changala


Introducing the Nuru Collective

Since Nuru’s beginning, local leadership has been the center of our model. Our intention has always been for local NGOs to have the power, resources, and autonomy to sustain our shared vision for communities. However, as these organizations matured and become more self-reliant over the years, Nuru International saw a need to evolve our relationships to better reflect this intention. Recognizing that our strength is found in inclusive leadership and a shared vision, the “Nuru Collective” was coined to define our global group of organizations.

Establishment of Global Advisory Council

While the Collective reflects the mutuality we wish to have with partner organizations, it was important that the changes it represented go beyond name only and into our governance and operations.

With this goal in mind, the Collective established the Nuru Global Advisory Council in the fall of 2021. Representatives from each local partner organization were appointed to form the Council and offer diverse perspectives on Collective-wide decision-making. Acknowledging the interconnectedness of our work, the Global Advisory Council also creates formal pathways for collaboration among member organizations.


New Public Partnerships

A major area of growth for the Collective in 2021 was our partnerships with government funders. Nuru Nigeria and Nuru Kenya were each awarded $2 million in USAID funding through the Office of Local Sustainability to support their respective efforts to build sustainable livelihoods and develop local leaders. Nuru Nigeria also partnered with GiZ, a development agency of the German government, to strengthen peace and conflict resolution capacities. These awards advance the mission of the entire Collective, dramatically increasing local organizations’ abilities to scale operations, and leveraging flexible, unrestricted funding from private philanthropy to fill critical gaps and carve out new footholds for peace and prosperity.


In 2021, Nuru farmers faced changing markets, climates, and political landscapes like never before.

These interconnected challenges require integrated solutions. Together, we can continue to help communities adapt to these changes through collaborative problem-solving.

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