2021 Annual Report

About Nuru

The Nuru Collective is united under a shared vision to cultivate lasting meaningful choices in the most vulnerable and marginalized communities in the world.

Nuru International’s mission is to build resilience corridors by eradicating poverty and unlocking economic potential within fragile communities in the Sahel and surrounding regions to stop the spread of violent extremism by 2030.

Nuru International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, public benefit charity.


From the Global Advisory Council

Dear Friends of Nuru,

Since our earliest days, Nuru has believed that for something to take root and last, it needs to be local. Over time, we have also realized the power of cross-pollinating ideas across Nuru geographies and building interdependence as a means of developing integrated solutions.

As the pioneering member of the Collective, Nuru Kenya has supported other members by sharing best practices and lessons learned along the way. Nuru Kenya has benefited from the Collective, too, developing more competitive grant applications and strengthening grants management with the help of Nuru Nigeria and learning best practices in establishing and running smallholder farmer cooperatives from Nuru Ethiopia.

Nuru Ethiopia introduced a union approach to the Collective, which has allowed them to reach more farmers with greater efficiency. In return, Nuru Ethiopia has benefited from Nuru Nigeria and Nuru Kenya’s experience with resource mobilization.

Nuru Nigeria has been excited to share the experience as the first member of the Collective to receive a major grant from a government funder. From the Collective, Nuru Nigeria has learned sustainable ways of managing farmer organizations while ensuring profitability.

We can’t over-emphasize the value of working together, cross-pollinating ideas, best practices, and learning, and strengthening our resolve to continue pursuing our shared vision.

We Are Interconnected. We Are Nuru.

With Gratitude,