2020 Annual Report

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Local Leaders Advancing the Sector

While many operations slowed to a crawl for Nuru Kenya due to COVID-19 restrictions, the organization found new ways to continue to scale impact and support farmers and their families in safe and healthy ways.

A significant area of growth for Nuru Kenya in 2020 was the external analysis and recognition of its success. From virtual speaking engagements to blog authorship to inclusion in a USAID-funded research study, the team continued to exemplify the profound power of local leadership in advancing the sector.

The organization’s social enterprise arm, Nuru Social Enterprise, was selected as one of 20 East African social enterprises to participate in the Acumen and IKEA Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator — a 19-week program designed to accompany social enterprises working to alleviate poverty, create opportunity, and build scalable business models. Through the Accelerator experience, Nuru Social Enterprises launched a new low-cost milk product called lala that is simultaneously increasing incomes for Nuru dairy farmers, while enhancing nutrition for rural communities often affected by food insecurity.

Persevering through many COVID-related delays, Nuru Kenya expanded to Homa Bay County, where it will replicate its poverty-fighting strategies to improve the livelihoods of farmers in the region. As an introductory activity in the county, Nuru Kenya is building the capacity of two farmer cooperatives, working to manage forage grasses and legumes, and laying the groundwork for a dairy intervention in the future.

Key Stats

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