2020 Annual Report

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Improving Profitability through Farmer Professionalization

Despite the disruption to many livelihoods worldwide in 2020, Nuru Ethiopia created new pathways to prosperity for more than 7,000 households through 31 Nuru-supported cooperatives. In addition to scaling to five new communities in Zala Woreda, Nuru Ethiopia supported the transition of nine cooperatives in Boreda Woreda from the Nuru model to independent, self-sustaining, and local leadership.

The largest Nuru-supported cooperative union in Ethiopia, Hidota Union, grew in both size and impact, supporting 22 cooperatives of more than 11,000 farmers and exceeding its profitability target with a 5% net profit margin.

To further strengthen farmer-owned commercial businesses in the face of market changes, Nuru Ethiopia introduced ram fattening loans – supporting the purchase of a sheep or goat which can be fattened and sold for a profit – in select communities as a new way for farmers to earn additional income. Through this and other Nuru-supported activities, participating farmers witnessed a 97% increase in income, significantly exceeding targets even amidst a difficult year.

Key Stats

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